The placenta contains vitamins and minerals that may help fight depression symptoms, such as vitamin B6. For another, the placenta is considered rich in iron and protein, which would be useful to women recovering from childbirth, and a particular benefit to vegetarian women. 


Reported Benefits of placenta capsules: 

- Increases overall energy 
- Enhances milk supply
- Eases "baby blues"
- Increases iron levels
- Helps shrink uterus to pre-pregnant size
- Brings hormones back into balance

Many women experience one or more symptoms of baby blues or postpartum depression after the birth of a child. 
Exhaustion, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and some difficulty bonding are all common symptoms that can be greatly relieved by taking placenta capsules after birth.


The body produces a wonderful mix of mood-balancing hormones in the placenta, to support and nourish new mothers.

After giving birth, a woman's hormone levels can shift dramatically. Placenta capsules assist in restoring hormonal harmony.

Oxytocin helps reduce the stresses of new motherhood. 

Placenta capsules are full of iron and vitamin B6, as well as many other beneficial compounds known to increase energy.


Placenta Encapsulations is here to make this natural, perfectly grown, nutrient-rich organ into a simple pill to support your post-birth recovery.

Ingesting the placenta is not a new practice. It has been commonplace in many cultures throughout history. 

In some countries such as Indonesia and the Czech Republic, it was believed that ingesting one's placenta would guarantee future fertility.

All other mammals living on land routinely eat their placenta after giving birth!


How can placentophagia help curb postpartum mood problems?


Research published in The Journal of Nutrition shows that postpartum iron-deficiency (anemia) can cause postpartum depression and anxiety, but let’s remember; the placenta contains a huge boost of easily-absorbable iron. Research published in The Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology shows that fatigue is one of the major causes of postpartum depression, but mothers report that consuming the placenta can boost energy levels.  Though few scientific studies have been spent on placentophagia itself, the combined existing research suggests that ingesting the iron-rich placenta may be a good first line of defense against postpartum mood problems. This is not to suggest that placentophagia is a cure or treatment for established mental health problems, nor should it replace any medically-prescribed treatment – it may only be one tool in helping to curb or limit postpartum depressive symptoms.


What are the methods to encapsulation?

There are two main methods or recipes for encapsulation, and before hiring a professional, ask which methods they offer so you can choose the one you prefer. Each recipe has pros and cons.

RAW Method: This method delivers the highest potency of the pills because it is not cooked before it’s dried, but these pills expire after approximately one year of freezer storage.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Method: This recipe creates a pill that can be stored indefinitely with proper refrigeration, but is less potent than the raw form.


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